LabTECs are a set of participatory methodologies used to identify opportunities and potential in an area or community and, through the use of technology, build collaborative projects and solutions that result in a prototype.


Partnership carried out with Periferia Sustentável and Instituto Favela da Paz. The project is aimed at young people in the region and consists of collaborative workshops that result in the construction of a prototype for an Automated Communal Vegetable Garden, irrigated via a solar panel.

Following field trips for the drawing up of a social map of the neighbourhood, we carried out a survey to identify the community's potential and needs. Based on this, we defined a prototype to be built through hands-on activities. In addition to experiencing the use of technology, the participants took part in a project that was relevant to their community.


In partnership with the NGO Aldeias Infantis SOS, the young participants were shown the possibilities and uses of technology for the development of projects that are relevant to the community.

The prototype created by the group was Tecno Lixeira, a game designed to disseminate information about the importance of recycling waste.

We also built a composter, which was subsequently incorporated into the local Recycling Cooperative to be used in the plant's waste collection.